Name of the product on Amazon is “Terabyte 4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable (Black)

This has been 3rd time I have bought a Terabyte HDMI cable as the pin of 1st cable came out after maybe a year of use and 2nd one started giving color issues in a year of use.

The main difference I noticed from this Terabyte HDMI cable from the previous one I bought was that this one is thinner, flexible and having better feeling material. As the previous cables were thick, hard and not so flexible, it was easy to break the pins when moving the devices and also overall less flexibility.

I have added photos of both old and new terabyte cable for you to see the difference in quality.

-Reasonably priced (Rs. 139 with delivery on Amazon prime)
-No issues with picture quality

-None till date but I will update the review if I come across any issues in the future.

Overall a great product at a reasonable price.

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