My Google Pixel 4A is the 10th phone I have bought. Before this, I was on Google Pixel 2XL and I could never install a tempered glass because of its curved screen. But as Pixel 4a has a flat display except on the extreme edges, we can safely think of installing tempered glass.

In the past, I have applied tempered glass on many phones and the cost was never above Rs. 200. I always used to think, why would anyone pay anything more than that, for something which can easily be found on street-side shops for less than Rs. 200.

Spigen AlignMaster Tempered Glass Screen Guard for Pixel 4a changed my mind about it. This is the best tempered glass I have ever seen. It is thin, super light, and easy to install. The AlignMaster makes installing tempered glass on phones a piece of cake for anyone. The only thing which we have to take care of is to not let any dust particles on the glass, or else the particles will ruin the look of this excellent glass.

One thing which I hated about the tempered glasses is that it is no way as smooth to touch and feel like the actual glass screen on phones as the latter has oleophobic coatings. The feel of the Spigen tempered glass is as good as a good gorilla glass, if not better. Is it super smooth to touch and I love it.

I think it is totally a value for money even though cost of Spigen tempered glass is at least 5 times higher than roadside ones. Just buy it blindly and thank me later.

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