Facebook insights showing only Facebook content gaving high reach and engagement

I am administrator of 20 Facebook pages with reach of millions of users every month. Most famous page of mine is with more than 37,000 likes and post reach upto a million users every month. Above screenshot is an insight of the same.

I will start by sharing something which I have experienced. I had always considered Facebook as best place to do marketing of any kind of content, due to its wide reach. But I was wrong. Over a period of years I have noticed that Facebook is the worst place to do website content marketing.

I had started my Facebook pages more than 3 years back and have been looking for marketing techniques to make my website reach more people and thus have more visitors to the site. Earlier I used to do Facebook ads to increase likes on the page. My idea was to pay for Facebook pages likes so that those people who have liked the page, can see the future posts. So it was like a one time marketing. I had even tried post boost but wasn’t happy with the results.

Over a period of time Facebook stopped shown newsfeed according to time and became more and more dependent on their algorithms. Options to set most recent post view on mobile app was gone and on desktop browser you have to manually select it every time. Motive of Facebook behind this is simple, it only wants you to see what it feels is better for you. Facebook calls this algorithm necessary as there are too many posts to be shown to the users.

But this all is only a marketing technique of Facebook to make the page owners to pay for the posts they want people to see. It now, you have to pay Facebook for ads to show posts to even the people who have liked the page. Organic reach has reduced significantly and now my page with more than 37k likes, gets only 2-3k organic post reach.

Facebook insights of a website post on page with 37000 likes

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is a post which I had written on my website and a link was posted on Facebook page with more than 37k likes. Organic post reach is 356. You read it right, 356. That’s less than 1%.

So Facebook wants you too pay them for reaching even the fans who likes your page. 

And you can see the 1st image. Check out the post types with maximum reach. Videos uploaded on Facebook has an average reach of 66k and an image posted on Facebook has a reach of 27k. Links of website is about 8k. So Facebook increases reach of content uploaded on their website so that users don’t have to go out of Facebook and thus increasing their advertising revenue.

So Facebook does not want your website content to be marketed, it only wants content uploaded on Facebook to be marketed. If you want your content to reach the users then you pay Facebook.

This is pathetic behavior by Facebook and I think it is time advertisers boycott Facebook and opt for other social media sites like Google+ and Twitter which doesn’t have compulsory newsfeed algorithm as of now. Facebook has been involved in many unethical practices like with Internet.org and many more. It will go to any level to increase their profits and users and advertisers should not fall pray to it.

I am shifting my focus for marketing to Google+ and Twitter. That’s where I feel the best place is, in the present scenario.