On my quest to find a wireless mouse which is large in size and fits perfectly in my hand, I started looking for mice by various brands online. I already have Dell MS111 wired mouse and Amkette Pearl Bluetooth mouse. Problem with Amkette mouse is that it is small in size and it does not function properly. I have seen many mouse by Logitech which are excellent but I wanted a mouse which is bigger in size and cheaper. I have also used Dell WM123 mouse by Dell but I even that is not a full sized mouse. So finally after a lot of searching on websites, I found Rapoo 1620 mouse.

Dimension of this mouse are 112 x 6.4 x 5.8 cm according to listings on Flipkart.com and Amazon.in. So this one is the a mouse with maximum height I have seen of a wireless mouse.

Built quality is plasticky and inferior to ones by Logitech. Sides of mouse are also plastic which is shiny and could be slippery. Adapter is small is size and comparable to ones by other brands.

But the main plus of the mouse is its size. It fits perfectly in my hand. Everything about size of this mouse is just perfect. And that gives it a big advantage over the other brands.

Mouse runs on a single AA battery and comes with an alkaline battery out of the box. Mouse works perfectly with by Windows 10 laptop and is a pleasure to use. It has 1000 dpi accuracy and comes with 2 years of warranty.

This is a very good mouse and those looking for mouse which fits in their hands to reduce the fatigue should definitely buy it. Highly recommended.

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