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I have used many earphones in the past including Sennheiser CX300ii, MI earphones, Realme earbuds, Oppo Enco W11, Oppo Enco W51, and more.

Without doubt, these are the best sounding earphones I have tested. These are on par with Sennheiser CX300ii. The sound quality is much better than Oppo W11 and W51.

The main reason for the great sound quality is LDAC codec support. The sound is great nice bass, great vocals, and highs.

Built quality of the earphones is good but the cable of earphones could have been braided, which would have made it long lasting.

Magnets on the earbuds is strong and gives a nice snapping sound.

Overall a great piece of technology and another one of the great earphones by Oppo.

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