I wonder how this theme/ plugin is the top-selling directory theme on the Themeforest.

It lacks some basic features which are necessary to run a directory website. I will enumerate the same in the cons section.


  • Pricing is reasonable for the features given
  • Number of features are good enough for specific use cases
  • Importing readymade data works fine


  • Support is super slow in response. They many times do not understand the query, reply with some irrelevant answer a day later, for which you have ask another question in simpler language, which gets replied a day later. So it takes multiple days to resolve even simple query. Also support does not work on weekends, so even if your website goes in fatal error. Support website is also pathetic. It does not show my replied in Chrome. I have to use Firefox and still it is slow and irritating to get support.
  • Features: Even though number of features are enough, they might not be useful for all case scenarios especially if you want to create custom fields and search by them. e.g. there is no way to sort the listings by one of the custom fields. Option to filter based on actual cost of the listing is not possible.
  • Additional cost: Just to make certain features available (which should be part of the package), you will have to pay them to get premium add-ons. In my case I had to buy MedicalPro add-on plugin which cost me $480 and did nothing extra on usage. A basic feature like adding additional time slots for hosptials/ clinics was not available which made my idea useless. So you will have to contact their custom department to create such feature for you at extra cost.
  • Refund: I had asked for the refund of both theme and MedicalPro weeks back but either they deny the refund or not reply. They give reasons like the features are already described in the page but they are vague. You cannot know the exact functionality of the theme/plugin based on vague descriptions and not untill you use it you realise the features are not enough.
  • PHP8 support: My server was earlier on PHP8 which this plugin does not support and gave fatal error.
  • Incompatibility: MedicalPro plugin of theirs is not compatible with bookings feature of ListingPro and it gave errros.
  • Bulk import: There is no way to bulk import or update the custom fields data. So if you already have large data which are you are planning to import/ migrate, part of the data is useless.
  • Tags: You cannot filter the listings by tags

Overall, unless you want to use the features mentioned in the website/ demo as it is, I would not recommend this theme to anyone. You can use this shortlist I have made which has better overall features https://themeforest.net/collections/10981976-directory-shortlist.

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