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I have been using Blaupunkt SBW02 for more than a year and wanted to change to buy another soundbar. So, this review will mainly be a comparison with Blaupunkt SBW02 as these both are in the same price range.

The LG SJ3 has optical in, 3.5mm line in, and Bluetooth support. It does not have HDMI ARC support which is a big negative.

The soundbar looks great with 3 front speakers on each side. The total RMS of the only soundbar is 100 Watts and 200 watts for wireless subwoofer.

The front of the soundbar has only LED lights which comes below or up the written names to indicate which mode is on. There is no display to let you know about volume, settings, or anything else. Which makes it a huge negative point.

The quality of the sound from LG SJ3 is very good. Much better than Blaupunkt SBW02. The bass is not much punchy but the sound from the soundbar is good with good details of mids and highs. It is louder than Blaupunkt SBW02 as well.

Overall LG SJ3 is a good soundbar for those who do not want to mess around with the setting and can live with 3.5 mm line-in, Bluetooth, or optical inputs.

2 thoughts on “LG SJ3 300 W Wireless Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar Review

    • Paresh Koli says:

      There are two brackets which comes along with the sound bar. You have to mount those brackets on the wall with the help of exact measurements as given in the paper manual along. After putting on the brackets on the wall, sound bar just slides along in the holes given.

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