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LG 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 43UM7300PTA is the same as 43UM7290PTA only difference being that 43UM7300PTA comes with the magic remote. I got it for about Rs. 35000 during Amazon India Prime day sale in 2020.


The built of the TV is typical with its stands far away from each other near the edges. The display is a bit thicker than the edge-lit LED TVs as this model has a full-array of backlight LEDs.


The panel is a 43″ IPS panel with 50Hz refresh rate, Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution. It had HLG and HDR10 support which is a nice bonus. The colors of the panel are good and look better in the HDR mode. As it is an IPS panel the viewing angles are good but not the best ones I have seen. During the shifting on sides, the color on the panel changes in a part of the screen. For example, when a white color is displayed you can see a dark-colored oblique band on the screen. The brightness of the panel is also very good and looks great under daylight.

Downside of IPS panel is that you will not get deep blacks but unless you view most of your TV content in dark environment, you will not notice any difference.


TV has dual-band Wi-Fi support and an ethernet port for internet connectivity. It had Miracast, DLAN, and network file sharing.

There are 3 HDMI ports in the TV, 1 USB port, RF, Composite, and component in.

A big downside is that there is no 3.5mm jack for audio output. So only way to get your audio out is optical or HDMI ARC. You can even use Bluetooth (version 5.0) but as the codec support is limited you will not get the quality sound to the external speaker or soundbar.

LG 43UM7300PTA is running on LG WebOS with typical features of LG smart TV. It had apps like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and more major video streaming apps. The speed of the interface is good but not the fastest.

A big plus of this TV is the magic remote. It makes selecting the places on the screen a breeze and saves so much time compared to using standard remotes. Remote also has Google Assistant and Alexa support but I found it to be a hit or miss.


TV speakers are known to be ordinary and so are these. Sound is just average as they are only 20 watts RMS.

Only way to enjoy a decent sound quality is by getting external speakers or soundbar. Even a cheap soundbar with subwoofer can do justice to this TV.

A more expensive version of this TV LG 43UM7780PTA has 35 watts speakers but I would suggest going for this TV instead and but a soundbar to enjoy the nice-looking videos.


LG 43UM7300PTA is a very good TV for those looking for a good quality picture quality for the price.

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