I was thinking of buying a treadmill for my dad for quite a while and I saw a very good deal for the Healthgenie 3911M treadmill on Amazon sale (Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use & Fitness Enthusiast). There were some other brand models also available but this was had good user ratings on Amazon and the support seemed to be good by them. I did a bit more research and a FitKit treadmill 098 was available on Flipkart for a similar price with 1.5 HP continuous power compared to 3911M which was only 1 HP motor with a peak of 2 HP for both. I chose this one as the FitKit one had some users complaining about the belt getting worn out quickly. Also, people at my home are not too overweight and 1 HP seemed enough for us. The cost listed was Rs. 12000 and there were multiple cashback offers on credit cards. I finally got it for Rs. 10000.

Unboxing and Contents

The listed weight of the box was 40 kg. The packaging was good with thick thermocol inside to protect the treadmill. Inside the box, there was a treadmill in a folded position with a plastic sealed packet containing different types of screws and wrenches. Also, a user manual, 3.5 mm male to male cable and safety key were provided.


I had already seen a video of the installation process on the Youtube channel of Healthgenie so I and my dad started doing the assembly. The process was very easy and included putting on 8 screws in total. Bottom support pipes have to screw properly otherwise the treadmill will not remain stable. I had to unscrew one and tighten the other as the treadmill was wobbling on one side. There was a section of the massager on the manual which we had to read and search on the internet, again and again, to see why that part was missing. But on reading I came to know that there is a different model which has massager part as well (multi-function model) and it was not present in our model (single function model). Healthgenie should mention this properly to not confuse the users. It has been 3 days since the treadmill was delivered to us but till not no one was Healthgenie has contacted me to do the assembly.

Usage and Features

The power cord is too short and you either have to use an extension port or put the treadmill closer to your power outlet. There is a power button on the side of the front which was to be turned on for the treadmill to start working.

The display is simple to type and it can display only one reading at a time. It can show speed, time, distance, calorie, and pulse. The display shifts between these readings after every 2-3 seconds. Pulse only shows when the hands are kept on both chrome sections on the handles and as soon as the hands are shifted on other parts of the handle the display will shift to other readings.

There are start and stop buttons on the mainboard along with buttons to increase or decrease the volume, speed, program, and mode.

There is a 3.5 mm jack on the board which can be used to play music from your phone directly onto the speaker on the treadmill. The quality of the speakers is pathetic as it sounds like a 50 rs speaker and it is better not to use this feature.

Mode button to choose between time, distance and calorie countdown running modes. for example, I can set the timer to 15 mins if I want to walk for only 15 mins or distance to 5 km if I want to walk till 5 km.

The program key is to choose between different program modes that are automatically set in. You can choose from 12 programs. Programs are automatically set for increase or decrease in speed depending on your liking. For example, there is a program in which the speed initially gets high and low in the end. Set time divided by 10 is the running time in each mode.

The speed in the manual mode can be increased to 10 km/hour. Other treadmills with more HP can go higher than this but trust me it is very difficult to run this fast for most users and there is no need to go for higher HP models unless you run very fast or you are overweight.

I tried both waling and running and had no issues with the stability of the treadmill. I am not a heavy runner so I cannot test it for that.

There is a safety key that is magnetic and has to be put on the yellow section of the board for the treadmill to start. The other end of the key has to be attached to the clothes of the user. As soon as the magnetic key is puller the treadmill stops and error code comes up. The logic behind this is that in case of an accident in which the user falls down, the key string attached to the user clothes will pull down the magnetic end and will stop the treadmill to reduce the harm caused to the user.

The treadmill can be folded up and kept in the corner without taking much space.


For the price of Rs. 10000 I don’t think I could have got a much better deal. even for Rs. 12-13k this would be value for money. Healthgenie 3911M is a very good treadmill for people who weight less than 80-90 kgs. I will update the review if I encounter any problems with the product and service in the future.

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