I have been an active member on Google maps since past few years. I have been adding new places, editing places details, adding photos and reviewing new places.

Recently Google started a new Google Local Guides program in which users who contribute to the Google maps places data get points for the contribution. Guides get 1 point each for adding a photo, adding a review, adding new places, editing existing page details (information) and answering questions.

Gmail - You’ve earned 1 TB Google Drive storage, Google local guides level 4
You’ve earned 1 TB Google Drive storage

Because I have been doing this since quite a while, I reached Level 4 in few weeks and got an email from Google that I will receive an email to upgrade the Google Drive storage in 1-2 weeks time. In the end, I did receive the email (screenshot above) to upgrade the storage by clicking on the link. Finally, my Google Drive storage was upgraded to 1 TB for 2 years for free. Nowhere in the Google Local Guides page did they mention that the upgrade will be only for 2 years. But still I am not complaining. After the upgrade, I had to manually cancel my existing 100 GB Google Drive storage plan for $2/ month.

I think this is a great approach by Google to make their existing market-leading Google Maps data, even more, detailed and it will be win-win situation for Local Guides, users of Google Maps and Google itself.

Levels and Rewards

Level 1

Get the inside scoop with the Local Guides monthly newsletter.

Join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts.

In select countries, enter in exclusive contests for Local Guides.

Level 2

Get early access to new Google products and features.

Promote your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar.

Level 3

Get noticed with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps.

Connect with other Local Guides in our exclusive Google+ Community.

Lead the conversation by moderating Local Guides community channels.

Receive invites to Google-hosted events in select cities.

Level 4

Upgrade your Google Drive storage free.

Be eligible to be featured in Local Guides online channels.

Receive an annual thank you gift.

Level 5

Be a Google insider, testing new products before public release.

Apply to attend our Level 5 Local Guides summit.

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