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I have been using mice from Logitech for many years now. I have been using Logitech M275, M330, and M331 on daily basis at my home and workplace. One major flaw of the Logitech mice was that just after the expiry of the warranty (1 year later) the one of the buttons of the mice becomes less responsive and requires harder press.

So I thought of giving Flipkart SmartBuy E703T Wireless Optical Mouse with Bluetooth one a try as it was reasonably priced, having a good size, and features.

The size of E703T is bigger than the M331 by a few millimeters and I like it. The weight is negligible and feel is good. Texture on the sides where the thumb rests is good and plasticky (like M275 and M330) but no comparison to the rubber texture of M331.

Flipkart SmartBuy E703TLogitech M331
Height111.58 mm105.4 mm
Width74.26 mm67.9 mm
Depth42.28 mm38.4 mm

Pairing and functionality of the E703T is great and works like charm. I have not faced any issues with it till now and I did not find any difference as such from M331 which costs almost double. I am not a fan of using Bluetooth for mouse as I always found it worse than the USB dongle.

Button on the mouse are smooth, silent and perfect. Scroll wheel is also smooth and just like M331.

I will update this review if I face any issue with the mouse and its buttons in the future but for time being it is totally value or money even if it works for a year.

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