Fake, Fraud, Scam, Hoax, Rubber Stamps

Today on 16th March 2016 there was the 2nd flash sale of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 on both Amazon.in website and official mi.com website.


Users wanted to buy 32 GB version of this phone and had done multiple registrations themselves and asked their friends colleagues to register as well. Users started preparing for the sale few hours ago only by syncing their laptop timings with the server, charging batteries, logging in to the website, etc. As soon as the sale started on Amazon.in the timer was converted to a waitlist full notification

As soon as the sale started on Amazon.in the timer was converted to a waitlist full notification. Same thing on Mi.com/in website where the pages directly either crashed or site told users that the phone is out of stock. This all happened in less than a second.

Frustrated buyers have flooded Amazon India Redmi Note 3 reviews with an explanation of their frustration and calling this flash sale and fake and Xiaomi as a fraud company. Average rating of the phone has reduced from 4/5 in the 16th March morning to 1.3/5 at the time of writing this review. Screenshots of some of the reviews are below:

Redmi note 3 frustrated user reviews on Amazon

This was the same story even on the 1st flash sale on 9th March 2016 at 2 pm. Xiaomi has not revealed how many units of 32 GB version of this phone went on sale, but I am sure units must be less than 1000 as even Amazon India Remi Note 3 review page showed less than 150 reviews of the phone.

I and my friends were few of the thousands of disappointed users who gave so much of their valuable time to get this phone but were unsuccessful.

I think it is the time when companies like Xiaomi stop their cheap marketing techniques of the flash sale. If they want to really sell the phone, they should let the users buy it and give them a waiting period.