My only purpose in looking for or buying such a device was connecting by PC to two Bluetooth devices so that I and my wife can watch movies without disturbing the baby. After a lot of searching on the Amazon website, I shortlisted Cubetek BTI-029 BlueTooth adapter as it was matching my requirements and was also having good ratings.

The device comes along with a RCA cable, 3.5mm male to male, optical toslink cable, and a micro USB charging cable.

The manual is informative and gives enough information for the setup.

The device itself has two optical ports in the backside, one for input and one for output. One 3.5mm jack and micro USB port is also there in the back. Sides have slider switches for receiver and transmitter modes, and also for optical and 3.5mm switching. The only modes I was interested in using were 3.5mm transmitters.

On starting the device the front LED starts blinking and the button has to be double pressed to start the pairing. The pairing is the biggest issue I found with this device. As only indicator on the device of connection is an LED which can show red or blue color, knowing about the connection is difficult.

I have Oppo Enco W11, Oppo M31, Oppo W51, and AKG K361-BT which I routinely use with this device. The pairing sometimes works and many times does not. On connecting 2 devices with the Cubetek, the devices do not get auto paired automatically after the restart. I had to do the process of connecting each and every time. Sometimes I have spent almost and hour trying to connect different devices but not help.

After a few weeks of usage, the Oppo W11 stopped connecting. So I tried AKG which connected fine. After almost a month even that stopped working. I contacted the customer service of, and the service guy who was very helpful spent almost an hour with me on phone to figure out the issues. The next day he gave some new troubleshooting steps which along with 30 mins of my time made AKG work. The issue I figured out which happened suddenly was that that the AKG was not getting enough volume and I was getting the feeling that it was not receiving sound even though the connection was happening.

So I shifted to using only Oppo M31 and W51. The M31 has been connecting just fine since the beginning but even W51 needs to be connected to the device every time I turn it back on. And it takes 5-10 tries to make it get connected.

The main reason why people buy these devices is to have a seamless and fast connection so that they can enjoy watching movies. The pairing process ruins the experience.

When it works

When the connection works, it is perfect. the sound has no noticeable lag and even the quality is good.

If this device had a display to choose the pairing device manually and see the connected devices, the product would have been perfect.


If you are willing to spend time in the pairing process, the output is worth the efforts.

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